Personal Trainers

Our team of certified personal trainers are here to help guide you on the right path of health and fitness. We aim to empower our clients by helping them achieve their wellness goals on both a mental and physical level, whether it’s weight loss or endurance training.

Our trainers promise to empower you on your journey by:
  • Providing a non-intimidating environment that is both comfortable & professional
  • Motivating & supporting you each step of the way
  • Creating innovative workout plans that are tailored to your needs
  • Teaching you proper techniques to ensure safety & effectiveness
  • Keeping you accountable for your exercise & nutrition

Group Training Programs:

Trainers at Alive offer fee based, small group training programs where special workout plans allow members to hit specific goals. These programs are perfect for anyone looking to get the extra push from a personal trainer but enjoy working in a group setting. Programs may run continuously or in sessions.

Our training sessions are the personalized attention you need to attain your goals.
One of our certified personal trainers will create custom workout plans focused on your needs & body.
Niki Veldman

Niki Veldman

ACE Certified Personal Trainer


• ACE Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist
• CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
• 1st Degree Black Belt – Tae Kwon Do
• CPR/AED & First Aid Certified
• Strength Training
• Sports Specific Training
• Weight Loss Management
• Endurance and Speed Progression
• High Intensity Training
• Core Development
• Ski/Powder Prep

Daniel Landry

Daniel Landry

NCSF Personal Trainer


• Small Group training- Bootcamps
• HIIT Training
• Sport Specific Training
• General fitness
• Weight loss
• Hypertrophy Training

Darrin Campbell

Darrin Campbell

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer


• Muscle Mass
• Weight Loss
• Strength and conditioning
• Youth Fitness
• Balance and stability
• Great with beginners
• Bachelors of Science, Kinesiology from University of Nevada Las Vegas
• First Aid/CPR/AED Certified

Greta Gildemeister

Greta Gildemeister

NETA Certified Personal Trainer


• Circuit Training
• Strength and Conditioning
• Flexibility and Mobility

• Athletics/ Sports Specific/ Human Performance
• Mind-Body Fitness
• Weight Loss
• CPR/AED & First Aid Certified

Tracy Ibarra

Tracy Ibarra

AFAA Certified Personal Trainer


• AFAA Certified Fitness Instructor
• IFTA Certified Aqua Instructor
• CPR/AED & First-Aid Certified
• 10+ years experience teaching members in the pool
• 20+ years of leading low/high aerobics and toning classes
• Cardio Exercise & Toning Exercise Training

Ashley Talebi

Ashley Talebi

NASM Certified Personal Trainer


• NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist
• Bachelors of Science, Nutrition & Food Science from CSU
• Spin Certified Instructor
• First Aid/CPR/AED Certified
• Athletic Cross Training
• Dietary consultations
• Weight loss
• Senior stability and weight lifting
• Plyometrics
• Proper stretching and foam rolling techniques • Core strength
• Cardio endurance

Personal Training Pricing

Paid-In-Full Training Packages:

Half Sessions:

  • Single: $50
  • 5 Pack: $200
  • 10 Pack: $390

Full Sessions:

  • Single: $65
  • 5 Pack: $280
  • 10 Pack: $530

Monthly Subscriptions:

Weekly Half Sessions:

  • 1 per week: $156 per month
  • 2 per week: $312 per month
  • 3 per week: $468 per month

Weekly Full Sessions:

  • 1 per week: $212 per month
  • 2 per week: $424 per month
  • 3 per week: $636 per month

Introductory Package:

3 full sessions for $135

*first time clients only. Limit one per person

Group Training Pricing:

Do you enjoy working out with friends? Whether a group of 2 or 4, our trainers will create a workout to suit everyone’s needs while reaching for goals together. Form a group and reach out to the trainer of your choice to get started.

Full Sessions – Group of 2 or more people:

  • Single: $45 per person
  • 4 Pack: $160 per person
  • 8 Pack: $300 per person

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