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Alive by Raintree Athletic Club is Fort Collins, CO’s premier health and fitness center. Our certified personal trainers will help you create custom workout plans to achieve your personal fitness goals in an exciting, inspiring setting. We recognize that not everyone is passionate about exercise programs and that it may take a little motivation to begin a routine training regimen. But we differ from our competitors and make it more enjoyable to exercise by blending fitness, technology, and a host of classes to find something that works well for you. Whether you like to exercise independently, or group training programs are more your speed, we are happy to accommodate. Call us today to learn about the myriad fitness options at Alive by Raintree Athletic Club.

Start Your Journey Toward Fitness in Our Studio

Whether you are embarking on a new fitness routine or continuing a lifelong love affair with the gym, the Alive by Raintree Athletic Club studio in Fort Collins, CO can satisfy your needs. Open at all hours of the day or night, our 24,000-square-foot studio merges fitness and technology to keep you motivated and active. We are proud to offer more than 1,500 virtual classes to ensure you can find something that targets your trouble areas and keeps you inspired daily. Too many people get into a rut with the same workout day in and day out, and it causes them to lose interest. But with such a wide variety of choices, you can vary your exercises, thus achieving total body success and reducing the chance of burnout. When you need a break between sets, take a load off in our lounge to answer emails or check on the day’s news.

Our Personal Trainers Are Motivated to Help You Succeed

The certified personal trainers at Alive by Raintree Athletic Club take pride in helping each of our clients achieve his or her fitness goals. Our staff offers expertise in the form of health and fitness tips to help individuals bulk up, shed love handles ahead of bathing suit season, or improve cardiovascular endurance, among other goals. We empower our customers through motivation and support throughout their fitness journeys. We will get to know you and your goals so that we may tailor a fitness plan to your specifications. As part of that plan, we will also help ensure you are practicing proper techniques for safety and effectiveness while holding you accountable for maintaining a routine. Ask about our group training programs, as well. We know that many couples or friends embark on health goals together, so we are happy to customize a plan for groups of two or more.

On-Demand Fitness is the Wave of the Future

We are proud to offer a catalog of more than 1,500 virtual fitness classes through Fitness on Demand™ at Alive by Raintree Athletic Club. Using this technology, our members can access yoga classes, abdominal exercises, and cardio workouts at our health and fitness center whenever it is convenient. You no longer have to plan your schedule around a live instructor or class. Simply peruse our options using a touch screen tablet and begin on your time. You can even preview classes to make sure they are right for your fitness and comfort levels.

Group Training Programs at Alive by Raintree Athletic Club

We recognize the motivating effect that working out with a buddy can have, so we are happy to provide small group training programs at Alive by Raintree Athletic Club. Taught by trainers, instructors, and coaches, these fee-based programs allow you to exercise alongside similarly-minded individuals toward a common goal. Each program focuses on a specific body part, so peruse our calendar and find a class that works for your exercise ambitions.

Contact Alive by Raintree Athletic Club Today

Fitness goals vary widely from person to person. Some people want to be able to run a 5K without stopping. Some want to look great in a bathing suit. Others want to build muscle mass. Whatever your motivation is, Alive by Raintree Athletic Club can help. We offer virtual classes, small group training programs, and an expansive studio with state-of-the-art equipment to help you achieve your goals. We also have a team of certified personal trainers on hand to provide health and fitness tips in Fort Collins, CO whenever you need assistance. Contact us today to start your journey toward peak fitness.


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